What do you feed your beef?

We feed our beef corn silage, corn,
hay, corn stover (all which we raise ourselves), and a protein supplement.

How much freezer space?

For half of a beef you will need about 8 cu ft. of freezer space. For a whole beef, you will need 16-17 cu ft. freezer space.

When is your beef available?

Our beef will be processed between September to November. There are many factors that can affect the amount of time it takes for an animal to reach finishing weight.

How do I order KL Beef?

۰You can order here @ www.KLbeef.farm
۰You can call Kyle Lammers @ 402-640-9884
۰You can order through representatives.

How do I pay for the beef?

To reserve the beef a nonrefundable deposit of $100 per quarter is required. KL Beef will contact you when the beef is delivered to the butcher with the exact hanging weight. You may then pay for your beef in cash, check or credit card. ALL payments for beef MUST be received before your beef is delivered. You will pay the processor separately for the processing. The locker accepts cash, checks and debit cards/credit cards. We have you contact the processor to ensure you get the cuts you want and how you want them.