Black Angus Beef Breakdown

Beef is sold by hanging weight. This is the weight after butchering but before cutting into individual pieces. Depending on your instructions to the butcher, you will take home 55% - 70% of the hanging weight. The cost of Angus (grain finished) beef is attached.

List of possible cuts from a whole 700 lb. carcass. Following each cut is the number of packages and their approximate size. You will work with the butcher to customize your order. If you do not want a certain cut you can have it ground into hamburger.

-Round steaks-16 (1.5-2 lbs.)
-Sirloin Steaks-10 (1-1.5 lbs.)
-Rib eye steak-12 (2/pkg 1 inch)
-Rolled Rump Roast-4 (3-4 lbs.)
-Sirloin Tip Roast-6 (3-4 lbs.)
-Chuck Roast-8 (3-4 lbs.)
-Arm Roast-8 (3-4 lbs.)
-Short Ribs-8 (3-4 lbs.)
-Filet Mignon-4 (2/pkg-1 ½ inch)
-NY Strip-11 (2/pkg-1 inch)
-T-bone Steak-14
-Hanger Steak-1
-Flank Steak- 2
-Skirt Steak-4
-Brisket-2 (4-5lb)
-Stew Meat-20 (1 lb.)
-Ground Beef-175 (1 lb.)

You are also entitled to bones and the organ meats. Most times, these are not elected to be kept.

KL Beef cost breakdown
Estimate Hanging Weight Order Amount KL Beef price per pound Total KL Beef Fee Estimate process fee/lb Estimate Total Process Fee Total Combined Cost
750 Whole $3.75 $2,812.50 $0.90 $675.00 $3,487.50
375 Half $3.75 $1,406.25 $0.90 $337.50 $1,743.75
187.5 Quarter $3.85 $721.88 $0.90 $168.75 $890.63